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                              Spring 2017 Registration is now open!

Perfectly Cooked Steak April 6th   $59 6-8pm

Ever wanted to cook steaks perfectly without fail?  Whether it’s for two people or twenty, you will learn to tricks to perfect doneness every time.  Both classic and modern techniques will be used including sous vide!  Come learn the science behind the perfect steak!   Register here!

Healthy Dinner in 30 min.  April 20th $59 6-8pm

Need dinner in a hurry?  Have our chef teach you the basics of preparing a healthy and balanced meal for 4 in 30 minutes or less.  The class include 3 different entrĂ©es, starch side dishes, as well as vegetables.  2 salad recipes will also be included.  This class will help you take the stress out of busy week nights!

Pizza Stromboli, oh my May 4th   $49 6-8pm

Have fun in this hands-on class making pizza and will fill, shape, bake and enjoy these Italian delights! There will be all kinds of scrumptious fillings to pick from to create your own Stromboli and pizza masterpiece. Pair this with an Italian wine and Viva Italiano!   Register here!
Croissants  May 18th $49 6-8pm
Homemade Croissants…with almond or chocolate
The queen of all breakfast treats...learn how to make your own buttery, homemade Croissants! Class will utilize almond paste and local chocolate. Imagine that winter morning by the fireplace, with friends, and you serve these creations...yum!
Mediterranean Apps  June 1st   $59 6-8pm
Mouthwatering Mediterranean Small Plates
Join us and travel through the Mediterranean palate of small plates…you will add scrumptious classic tapas, meze and antipasti to your bag of party tricks and entertain with all the ease of the Mediterranean!   Register here!

Brewers Series June 15th $59 6-8pm
Classes lead by local brewers and their staff on education of craft beer.  Snacks and apps to pair with the beers. The featured brewery for June is Bellwether Brewing Co. from right here in Spokane!    Register here!